In a galaxy far, far away…

In a galaxy far, far away…

I have been re-watching Star Wars to get ready for the big launch of the new and final movie in the series that I will be seeing on Friday night (exciting!). While watching, I realised that the recruiting industry is a lot like the Star Wars universe. No seriously, hear me out.

The original three movies (episodes IV, V and VI for those unsure) are similar to the beginnings of recruiting. Classic movies, such as Star Wars, brought in the beginning of the science fiction era. Just like when recruiting started, it was classic, and a needed industry. Recruiting firms popped up, head hunting began, and all was well within the galaxy.

But then along came the prequels (I, II and III). George Lucas tried to re-invent the series, bringing in new characters and provide us with a logical backstory. Unfortunately, this didn’t work so well (can I say Jar Jar Binks?). Fans complained, and many don’t even admit that The Phantom Menace exists. This is what recruiting has become; fractured into unworkable pieces, with personal needs overshadowing that of their clients.

But now, we – the critical fans – see the light. In comes the redeemer with the new series, or in this case, Disney. They are re-inventing the series with rave reviews, and now we all have a new hope (wink, wink)! Contractr. is the new Disney, we are re-inventing the industry. Working for the clients and the contractors, getting the best for both worlds rather than for ourselves. So, just like there were major pre-bookings for the new Star Wars movies, we can only hope that the force awakens for Contractr., and you are all lining up for when we launch.

The Rise of Contractr.

As I caught up with some of my favourite heroes, and hated villains (and Jar Jar Binks), I also had an opportunity to test Contractr. with seasoned professionals within the start-up community. Without the aid of the force, I pitched Contractr. for constructive feedback, and while I still have a few wrinkles to iron out, I was encouraged to move forward with Contractr. The main feedback provided was to discover what will protect my differentiation and avoid a price war, as the dark side will win a price war, but the light side will win a differentiation war.


Until next time, when I will have further updates on the progress of Contractr., and my review on The Rise of Skywalker, I look forward to hearing from you and your valuable feedback as always. What are your views on how to further differentiate Contractr.?


May The Force Be With You,

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